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​A special Thank You to the following for making this event possible:

Leon J. DeLisle,

Ed & Bonnie Davis, Lou & Sophie Shehi, Michael France, Thomas Garske, Rory Burke, Tim Arnemeier, 
Col. Howard "Scrappy" Johnson USAF [Ret.], 
Col. Dan "FireCanDan" Walsh USAF [Ret.], Capt. Gerald Fenton USAF [Ret.],
Col. Clay Garrison USAFTony Corbo, Tommy Williams, Stewart Munson, 
City of Petaluma,  Joe Noriel, "Moon" Mullins,
Steve Kemmerle, John Elbert, PAPA, Bob Patterson, Tom McGaw, 
​Bob Douglas, Ron Laufer, Rob Gordon, Darryl Bond,
​Larry Smigilia, Michael France  and Nick Provenzano.

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A Special Thanks To Our Old Friend....   Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney USAF [Ret.]

​Here standing beside his Mustang “No Sweat”, 

flew 101 combat missions in the F-51 Mustang in the Korean War.

BGen. Robert F. "Earthquake" Titus

Here standing beside the P-51 Mustang “Lady Jo”,

at Petaluma Municipal Airport on April 18th  2015.


Commemorative Flight of The Last USAF Mustang was held  1300 hr, on Saturday, April 18th, 2015
at Petaluma Municipal Airport,  with BGen. Robert F. Earthquake Titus at the controls:
TF-51 Lady Jo - Dual Control Fighter Trainer Rob Gordon Pilot, Owner Daryl Bond,
"In memory of all those who built and flew and keep the P-51 Mustang Flying!"

Master of Ceremonies Leon J. DeLisle -
How this historic event was researched, the pilot located and documentation found.
Moderator: Leon J. DeLisle - History of the P-51
Panel:  B Gen. Titus USAF [Ret.],  Capt Ernie Wakehouse,  Col. Jack Krout USAF [Ret.], Col. Joe Peterburs USAF [Ret.]

A special thanks  to Stu & Marilyn Eberhardt for their kind help and support with the P-51 Pilots Symposium.

~  Topics  ~
Titus' Bio   -   North American P-51 Mustang – Genesis   -  North American Mustang - History as a Combat Fighter
Legacy as a Racer and Aerobatic Performer   -  The Mustang's Performance in the role of Ambassador, Teacher, Excellence in the field of Aviation and Exemplar of American Patriotism

​​​Commemorative Flight of The Last  USAF  F-51 Mustang 

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