Robin Olds and Bob Titus enjoyed lifelong friendship. The eulogy, given by his friend at Olds gravesite will be remembered as one of the finest tributes to the exemplary fighter warrior.

Lt. Col Titus 3 Kills indicated by the 3 Red Stars on his F-4 Phantom.

Titus Montage of Edwards Flight Test and Korean War adversaries.

​Desert Wings Article Reads Sept. 5th, 1958: One Second Past Zero – Capt. Robert F Titus, experimental flight test officer, Fighter Operations Section became the first Air Force pilot to accomplish a ‘zero length launch’ as his F-100D Super Saber roars skyward aided by a 130,000 pound thrust booster rocket. Use of the mobile platform launcher increases the capability of the USAF from the standpoint of flexibility. The century series fighter piloted by Capt. Titus in last Friday’s history making test gained speed of 275 mph in four seconds. Capt. Titus is a native of Norfolk Va., a veteran of Korean conflict and holds the Distinguished Flying Cross and three Air Medals.




Olds and Titus with EQs Grandkids.

In 1967, Lt. Col. Robt. “Earthquake” Titus and his REO, Capt. Milan Zimmer and celebrating Mig Kill over Hanoi.

F-100 over Edwards AFB Flight Test Center.

Beside the F-102 at Edwards Flight Test

Lt. Colonel Titus ‘flight-tested’ all of the F-100 variants including F-100, F-101 Voodoo, F-102 Dart andF-104 Starfighter.


A meeting of retired Generals, post career; BGen Robin Olds, BGen Robert Titus, BGen Gary A. Willard. Our best guess, more than 1400 combat missions flown in Southeast Asia by these three men.

F-4 Phantom and Mig 21 Air to Air Combat above Hanoi. General Titus recounts the events of this engagement in his interview with CSPAN in 2012.

Illustration by Lou Drendel ‘70

Titus flew the Zero Length Launch ZeLL F-100 Super Saber.

Interview with BGen. Robert “Earthquake” Titus at the American Veterans Center in Washington DC – “War Stories” – Interview on CSPAN November 2011



The Team. Crew Chiefs of 366th Sqdn. Titus always gave credit to all those who kept them flying.

Lt. Colonel Titus was commander of 10th Fighter Air Commando Squadron at Bien Hoa Air Base the only F-5 Tiger Squadron in combat.

ZeLL - ‘zero length launch’  F-100D Super Saber propelled to altitude by a  Matador Missile with 130,000 lbs. Aircraft ejected the empty rocket when it reached 270 mph, in four seconds.

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Capt. Milan Zimmer, REO of Lt. Col. Titus on Mig Kill of  Route PAK 6, indicating 3 Stars for 3 Migs shot down in 1967.

Illustration of Mig-21 ‘Shoot-Down’ by Lou Drendel c 1970

Vietnam War - 1966  /  Hard Stands for the “Skoshi Tigers” at Bein Hoa in South Vietnam 1966.

National Aviation Hall of Fame inducted BGen. Robin Olds. In 2001 Earthquake was the Induction Speaker at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Picture taken by Ron Kaplan.

Wing Commander of 366th, “Boots” Blesse,  Janca, Roberts and “Earthquake” celebrate Teamwork. 

F-100 Squadron

Major Titus flight testing for USAF the F-104 Starfighter at Edwards Flight Test Center 1957.

Retired to Colorado Springs in 1980 enjoyed riding his mare on the ranch.

366th Tactical Fighter Wing at Da Nang “The Gunfighters” insignia on F-4 intake.

Mid Air Refueling F-4 Phantoms with SAC KC-135 on their way to Route PAK 6